The Healing Power of DMSO

Discover the remarkable healing potential of DMSO with Amandha, as she reveals its diverse benefits in holistic health and natural therapies. The full video can be found here: 👉

In this enlightening video, Amandha Vollmer explores the fascinating world of DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide), a powerful solvent with extensive medical applications. DMSO stands out for its remarkable ability to cross bodily barriers, including the blood-brain and skin barriers, without harming tissues. Its unique properties also make it invaluable in organ transplantation, preventing cellular damage during freezing. Amandha highlights the numerous therapeutic benefits of DMSO, from acting as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic to enhancing glutathione levels in the liver, helping the body detoxify. With insights drawn from her book, “Healing with DMSO,” she discusses how this versatile substance can protect against radiation damage, improve cancer treatment outcomes, and alleviate various conditions like eczema and psoriasis. By blending DMSO with herbal remedies, Amandha has harnessed its chemistry to heal a wide array of ailments. She explains how its sulfur component strengthens cellular integrity and aids in removing waste, making it a promising tool in holistic health. Watch this video to uncover the impressive potential of DMSO and how it can be integrated into natural healing practices. To learn more about healing and safe uses of Dimethyl Sulfoxide ‘DMSO’ get your copy of Amandha’s book, “Healing with DMSO” available here: 👉

00:05 – DMSO Availability 00:30 – The Many Qualities of DMSO 01:45 – The Research of Dr. Stanley Jacob 02:23 – ADV’s Book – Healing with DMSO 02:50 – Tinctures and Blends with DMSO 04:00 – DMSO Applications for Cancer Therapy #DMSO #HolisticHealth #NaturalHealing #AlternativeMedicine #HerbalRemedies

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