‘Evidence’ Proves One of the Most Impactful Events in History Was a Lie

What if Neil Armstrong’s famed moon landing in 1969 was a lie – one of the biggest lies ever told? A major piece of “evidence” seems to suggest that America’s lunar conquest was a hoax. People have noticed that Neil Armstrong’s space boots do not match his footprints on the moon.

To date, Neil Armstrong’s iconic moon landing outfit is one of the most attractive treasures housed at the Smithsonian Museum. The outfit stands tall among the multitude of aviation and space artifacts in the Washington DC museum. According to the National Air and Space Museum, Armstrong’s spacesuit is a “key part” of “one of the single greatest achievements in the history of mankind.”

The suits, which are made from non-flammable material and include a liquid cooling garment, were designed to provide relative comfort for 115 hours. The white suit, which also came with gloves and attached helmets, can serve for 14 days in a pressure-free mode. But it was the boots that caught the most attention.

The soles of the boots at the Smithsonian Museum are markedly different from those of Neil Armstrong and his landing partner, Buzz Aldrin’s footprints on the moon. A photo of Armstrong’s footprint threads is horizontal and nothing like the smooth and plain soles of the boots in the museum. (source: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/evidence-proves-one-of-the-most-impactful-events-in-history-was-a-lie/ar-AA1hJyOv )

'Evidence' Proves One of the Most Impactful Events in History Was a Lie

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