Amazing health benefits of DMSO anti inflammatory natural powerful pain killer

DMSO is the ultimate OTC pain reliever! DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) is a by-product of paper making, It comes from a substance found in woodIt is a clear liquid that has ability to penetrate the skin and other biological membranes.DMSO is an effective pain killer, blocking nerve conduction fibers that produce pain. It reduces inflammation and swelling by reducing inflammatory chemicals. It improves blood supply to an area of injury by dilating blood vessels and increasing delivery of oxygen and by reducing blood platelet stickiness.DMSO also penetrates the skin, the blood-brain barrier, tissues, enterthe bloodstream.Furthermore, DMSO protects the cells from mechanical damage and less of it is needed to achieve results as time passes as oppossed to most pharmaceuticals where increasing doses are required. It has a calming effect in the central nervous system and it reaches all areas of the body, when absorbed through the skin, including the brain.That is, DMSO applied to one area often leads to pain relief in some other location due to its systemic effect. It acts as a carrier for other substances or drugs and it also potentiates their effect. In fact, certain drugs dissolved in DMSO, such as corticoids, antibiotics and insulin, may be used in a lower dose than usual without reducing their therapeutic efficacy and in addition, their undesirable side effects are greatly diminished. Also, drugs are able to pass through the blood-brain barrier which is usually impenetrable.DMSO promotes the excretion of urine and functions as a muscle relaxant. It boosts the immune system, increasing the production of white cells and macrophages that destroy foreign material and pathogens in the body. It also has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. DMSO also increases the permeability of cell membranes, allowing a flushing of toxins from the cell.DMSO has radioprotective properties against lethal and mutagenic effects of X-rays in cells, cellular systems and whole animals. As a source of sulfur, DMSO aids in heavy metal detoxification. Sulfur binds with toxic heavy metals (mercury, lead, aluminum, cadmium, arsenic, nickel) and eliminates them via urination, defecation and sweating. A teaspoon of DMSO with distilled water/juice taken daily can improve your overall health. If you like to support me or my channel, you can buy me a coffee here: DMSO products i use or recommend: 1. NO ODOR DMSO Dimethyl sulfoxide liquid 99.9% Pharmaceutical grade, High purity: Friendly reminder flu nasty virus season is here. To keep your family your loved ones to stay healthy during this season we recommend these superior products to boost immune. Note these are the affiliation links which means if you purchase any products through the link I will get a small commission. This is huge support to me and my channel to help me continue to make videos like this to share with you guys. ❤ 😇 Super immune booster we recommend to keep you and your family healthy during this season. 1.Good quality zinc :… 2. It’s crucial to take Vitamin D too especially during winter. Vitamin D we take is with Vitamin K. Vit D3K2:… vitamin D3 helps promote calcium absorption, K2 helps direct the calcium is where it’s needed – like in the bones and teeth, not the arteries ( calcification ) and kidneys( kidney stones!) 11. According to the EPA, water can be contaminated with various types of pollutants that may make it unsafe. Bacteria and parasites:tap water can contain microorganisms like bacteria or parasites that make you sick. Cryptosporidium, E. coli, and Giardia are three harmful organisms that can leak into drinking water through sewage. Chemicals can make their way into drinking water. Pesticides, bleach, and bacterial toxins are some of the potential things that can have harmful Radioactive elements:Radioactive elements chemicals like uranium, cesium, plutonium Heavy metals: like arsenic, mercury, or lead can enter your water supply through plumbing and service lines as well as through natural mineral deposits. Use code: mamanatural to get 5% at check out… Always consult a licensed health care professional before starting any supplement or nutraceutical. Especially if you are pregnant or have any pre-existing medical conditions. These are from my own experience and the experience of others and only for educational purpose only. It’s not meant to replace medical advises!

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