10 Things That Have Only Recently Come To Light About Area 51

Until the military research base known as Area 51 became public knowledge, no one was ever able to get an answer for the existence of aliens.

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We’ve all wondered, at one time or another, whether we’re the only ones who exist in the vast, never-ending universe. Aliens have been the subject of movies since the early to mid-1900s and the conquering of space has been a prominent goal for the world (and by that, I mean the United States).But no one has ever been able to get a definitive answer for the existence of aliens. That is until the military research base known as Area 51 became public knowledge.Area 51 has been the basis for conspiracy theories for years, as well as one of the few tangible liaisons we have to “encounters of the third kind”. Here are 10 things that only recently came to light about Area 51.

10Never Fully Acknowledged As Being Real

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Most of us have grown up already knowing about Area 51. However, despite being around since the 1950s, Area 51 was only officially acknowledged in 2013! The CIA was forced to release documents pertaining to the base and, unfortunately,  there was no official mention of beings from another planet.

9Why Is Area 51 Named What It Is?

Juliet Montague once asked herself “What’s in a name?” In the case of Area 51, no one knows. There have been countless theories and musings about it, though. One theory is that the name originated from a nearby nuclear testing site that was given the numerical designation of 51.

8An Ever-Expanding Enterprise

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Business appears to be booming at Area 51. Between 1984 and 2016, satellite images have revealed the construction of many new infrastructures, including hangars and runways. People have surmised that it’s to test new military aircraft, while others believe that it’s evidence that aircraft of the alien kind are being held there.

7The Moon Landing: Real Event Or Fabrication?

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The 1969 moon landing has also been the subject of many conspiracy theories. In fact, conspiracy theorists believe that the moon landing was filmed at Area 51. According to author Bill Kaysing, the moon landing was filmed on the base using meteorites from Antarctica, and the astronauts were subsequently brainwashed,

6Explanations For Early UFO Sightings

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In the early days of Area 51, UFO sightings could actually be explained. The base was being used to test U-2 planes, away from civilians. So most of the supposed UFO sightings during that time period could be linked back to this military project. Unless that was just a cover-up…

5Employees Get Special Treatment

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No one really considers the people who work in Area 51. USA Today reports that employees actually get shuttled to the base via an unnamed Boeing 737.  Flight attendants on these flights are called to be “level-headed and clear thinking while handling unusual incidents and situations”. Interpret that how you will…

4Employees Need To Stay As Off The Grid As Possible

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Former employees of Area 51 are coming forward and giving us more information about the inner workings of Area 51. One veteran employee described how they were all sworn to secrecy kept as off the grid as possible. This included a lack of documentation and being paid in cash.

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3Even Air 51 Isn’t Impervious To The Court System

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Turns out that Area 51 isn’t completely invincible to the law. In the 1990s, lawyer and professor Jonathan Turley was approached by Area 51 workers regarding the hazardous materials they were being exposed to, including jet fuel fumes and hazardous waste. A lawsuit was created, but the government refused to acknowledge any wrongdoing.

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2The Best View Of Area 51? Not What You’d Expect

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It’s apparently quite easy to see the activities of Area 51… if you know where to look. An anonymous former employee brought people to watch scheduled UFO flights at the Black Mailbox. Yes, that’s right. The best place to view potential alien activity is by a pair of mailboxes!

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1Don’t Even Think About Sneaking In For A Rave

While there have been “Storm Area 51” events planned, actually attempting it is not advised. There are signs at the entrance of the restricted zone stating that deadly force will be taken against any trespassers. Also, pilots who fly into the restricted zone can face court martialing and even jail time.

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