Man dumps bucket of water on homeless woman from San Francisco rooftop in viral video

As San Francisco’s homeless crisis grows more dire, its residents have repeatedly come under fire for mistreatment of those in the homeless community — from accusations of “anti-homeless” architecture to threats of violence against homeless camps.
Now, a video that shows a man from a rooftop in San Francisco pouring a bucket of water on a homeless woman has gone viral, forcing viewers to grapple with cruelty toward the homeless population.
The video, first reported by NBC Bay Area, shows a man dumping a bucket of water from a rooftop onto a homeless woman, her encampment and her belongings.
Witnesses told NBC Bay Area that it wasn’t the first time, and that repeated instances of water dumping have taken place in the same building — presumably to ward off homeless people.
The instance that was recorded on video, The Guardian noted, was the second attack on the woman in the same day. She was attempting to move her belongings following the first attack.
The San Francisco Police Department encourages the victim to step forward and report the crime, officials told USA TODAY. Neither individual has been identified.
They classify this as a misdemeanor battery, NBC Bay Area said.
A Twitter user, Jim Cruz-Youll, is offering a $500 reward for any information regarding the identity of the attacker, which was matched by multiple others on the platform.
“Homeless women are frequent victims of sexual assault and domestic abuse,” said Cruz-Youll. “Vigilantes can’t be allowed to attack people and just wander away without consequences. I hope the reward will encourage people to step up on the record with information so that there might be a chance at justice.”
The San Francisco Human Services Agency did not respond to requests for comment from USA TODAY. (source: )

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