Ex Russian Space Boss Says There’s No Proof Americans Went to the Moon in 1969

Dmitry Rogozin, the former head of Russia’s Roscosmos space agency, expressed scepticism on the validity of the US Apollo 11 mission’s 1969 Moon landing, stating he had not yet seen convincing evidence.

Rogozin claimed in a post on his Telegram channel on Sunday that he started his personal search for the truth “about ten years ago” while still employed by the Russian government. He claimed that he developed doubts about the Americans landing on the Moon after observing how rested the Apollo 11 crew appeared in comparison to the exhausted Soviet cosmonauts who had just returned from their missions.

Rogozin claimed to have asked Roscosmos for proof at the time. All he got in return was a book that detailed Soviet cosmonaut Aleksey Leonov’s conversation with American astronauts, during which they revealed to him that they had visited the Moon.

The former official said that after being named head of Roscosmos in 2018, he kept up his efforts. Rogozin, however, claims that he was not given any supporting documentation. Instead, he claimed that a number of anonymous academics harshly criticised him for damaging the “sacred cooperation with NASA.”

Another claim made by the former head of Roscosmos was that he had “received an angry phone call from a top-ranking official” who allegedly accused him of disrupting international relations.

‘Hard landing’ of moon mission Moon mission makes ‘hard landing’

In his last statement, Rogozin said that despite the enormous advancement in technology since the late 1960s, he still finds it hard to believe that the US was once able to accomplish the feat but is now unable to.

However, he asserts that he discovered that Washington had “its people in [the Russian] establishment.”

One giant ... lie? Why so many people still think the moon landings were faked | The moon | The Guardian

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Moon Photographs – Expert Analysis By A World Famous Photographer

I’m a world-famous photographer who photographed with Hasselblad Cameras for over twenty years. I was sponsored by Hasselblad and a lecturer at Hasselblad University. I also started up (and ran) Pictage, Inc., at the time the largest professional digital photo lab in the United States. I photographed famous celebrities and politicians, so I know a lot about how to preserve and protect fragile photographic emulsions and films. I’m also a graduate of UC Santa Barbara with a degree in Pharmacology, and was a UCLA Physics major prior to this. I also held a de-commissioned Hasselblad lunar camera in my hands, and played with it. That is where I saw a lot of things that didn’t make sense. This video explores the possibility that the photographs that were shown to the public as photos from the moon could not have possibly be authentic, given the vast amount of information given to me. This is not to say that man never landed on the moon, or that there is a “conspiracy”, because I wasn’t there, and I don’t personally know any of the astronauts. But as a photographer who took millions of images on Hasselblad Cameras, and as an operator of a leading photo lab, I finding it impossibly hard to believe that the moon photographs could have been taken on the moon.


One year to the day after the publication of the revelatory book “Moon Man: The True Story of a Filmmaker on the CIA Hit List”, which divulges the deathbed confession of the former Chief of Security at Cannon Air Force Base in Clovis New Mexico, who confessed thereon to his participation in the falsification of the first “moon landing”, his identity is finally revealed. This predetermined waiting period was previously negotiated with his sole surviving son, who himself passed away this year.

Cyrus Eugene Akers detailed the information in the book, including not only the location of the filming of the first fake moon landing at his military base, the dates it was filmed, and the CIA codename for the operation, yet also gave the names of fifteen government scientists and officials who were allowed exclusive observation of this historic government fraud, some of whom are still alive today. The list was given to Akers by President Lyndon Johnson, who was there at the first day of filming.

Threatened with execution if he ever revealed this information, Security Chief Akers kept all of this to himself until his deathbed, the guilt from which prompted his tearful confession to his son, who was also threatened with assassination after sharing this information with the author of Moon Man, Bart Sibrel.

This sad and outrageous, and really unnecessary deception, was done for pride and embezzlement. It demonstrates the complete arrogance of leaders over their people, who in fact are financing their own deception. Unlike government frauds about war, assassination or terrorism, the moon landing deception cruelly gave the over-trusting public the pleasing candy that they cried out for. Trying to take it away from them, after they believed with tears and cheers, by exposing their heroes as the criminals they really are, faces fierce resistance. Even a professor at a major university has so famously said, “Even if I heard a moon astronaut confess that he never really went, I would still believe that he walked on the moon.”

Fortunately a new generation is here, ones who were not emotionally branded by the deception, who are objective to the unfolding reality of the moon landings falsification. Simply put, what the corrupt government is claiming, is that in 1969 they went from never being in space, to walking on the moon, with only 8 years of research and development, and that with one-millionth the computing of a cell phone, and on the first attempt, when even the South Pole on Earth was not reached on the first attempt.

Today, with 50 years of more advanced rocket and computer technology, the current Artemis moon rocket took 18 years to develop, had three launch failures, is not safe enough yet to carry astronauts, and will only orbit the moon, because a moon lander for it has not yet been developed that works. The farthest that the government can send astronauts today, 50 years later, is to the space station, which is only one-thousandth the distance to the moon.

For the first time in the entire history of the world, technology was greater in the past than in the future. As this is actually impossible, it only means one thing, that the 1969 moon landing was a forgery. It is not the first time scientific boasts were falsified or governments have lied, as covid vaccine maker Prizer has been fined billions of dollars, on multiple occasions, for making fraudulent claims about their scientific products.

Former high-ranking government employee Robert McNamara, who was Defense Secretary during the Vietnam War,  admitted before he died that the “Gulf of Tonkin Incident”, which was the reason why the war began, was completely fabricated by the CIA. If the corrupt government is willing to falsify something that led to the death of a million people, including 58,220 of their own citizens, then I think they are capable of faking an image on a television.

All Truth passes through three stages.

First, it is ridiculed,

Then it is violently opposed,

Finally it is accepted as self-evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer

In an age of universal deceit,

telling the Truth is a revolutionary act.

Whoever controls the past, controls the future.

George Orwell

One of the saddest lessons of history is this:

If we’ve been bamboozled long enough,

we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle.

We’re no longer interested in finding out the Truth.

The bamboozle has captured us.

It’s simply too painful to acknowledge,

even to ourselves,

that we’ve been taken.

Once you give a charlatan power over you,

you almost never get it back.

Carl Sagan

It is easier to fool people,

than to convince them that they have been fooled.

Mark Twain
Amazon.it: Moon Man: The True Story of a Filmmaker on the CIA Hit List - Sibrel, Bart - Libri

The First Man

Today, July 31st ’22, is the 100th anniversary of the birth of Bill Kaysing. He was an American writer “for an alternative lifestyle”, “against the tide”, one who gave the government a hard time with his indomitable anarchoid behavior.
Thus, Kaysing had led a fairly regular life until beyond quarantine. Four years of war in the navy, degree in English literature and marriage with two daughters. Then a career as a clerk at an aerospace company called Rocketdyne. After that, he decided to totally change his life, overwhelmed by rampant pollution and the daily routine of 9-17 hours, typical of American offices.
Deciding to change your life, leave the “rat race” and dedicate yourself to a healthy existence, free from daily commitments and constraints. He divorced his first wife by marrying Ruth, also a writer, as he had become in the meantime.
He lived one adventure after another traveling by caravan and boat through the Nevada desert and California. Or, in San Francisco Bay, helping the homeless that abound in that area.
You achieved international fame in 1976 by writing “We never went to the Moon” proving, without a shadow of a doubt, that the government was the “enemy number 1” of the American people. It gave rise, thanks to a book, to an entire conspiratorial vein, I had to write in an article for an Australian magazine on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the first false moon landing .
It seems to me yesterday when I published a website in his honor in 2006. I never suspected that I would come into contact with his family members, thanks to whom, I obtained documents in his possession with which I could write the biography entitled “The fastest pen in the West ”. After all, it was an adventure for me too. Ciao Bill!

William Charles Kaysing

Buzz Aldrin: American Icon

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Highlights include the jacket Aldrin wore on his historic journey to the Moon and back on Apollo 11; the famous broken circuit breaker switch that nearly ended the lives of the Apollo 11 crew, and the felt-tipped pen that saved them; the famous “Go Army, Beat Navy” banner Buzz brought with him on his Gemini XII spacewalk and exposed to the vacuum of space; complete mission-flown documents that were key to completing the mission, including the Apollo 11 LM Systems Activation Checklist, the LM Rendezvous Charts, Lunar Module and Command Module cue cards including the Apollo 11 EVA cue cards, the Rendezvous, Softsuit EVA, and Hardsuit EVA checklists from Gemini XII, as well as the Apollo 11 Summary Flight Plan and LM G&N Dictionary, flown lunar surface checklist and flight plan pages, flown flags, covers, and much more. Of note are the MTV VMA award statuette presented to Buzz, the “Original Moonman,” his Presidential Medal of Freedom, and other important materials relating to his life leading up to becoming an astronaut, as well as materials relating to his life and accolades following his historic moonwalk.

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(source: https://www.sothebys.com/en/buy/auction/2022/buzz-aldrin-american-icon?locale=en )

Was it really all staged?

Have you ever heard some insane explanation of an impactful event in the world? That, in simple terms, is a conspiracy theory. As Britannica’s definition states, a conspiracy theory is “an attempt to explain harmful or tragic events as the result of the actions of a small powerful group”. These theories are all over the media and have opened a world of speculation regarding absolutely anything. Conspiracy theories can ridiculously range from the tragic death of, for example, Princess Diana, to suspecting that the Illuminati rule the world.

One of the most intriguing theories I’ve heard of is NASA faking the moon landing: the Moon Landing Hoax. This caught my attention tremendously because this event has had such a huge impact on the world’s and humans’ history, not to mention technology, that it would be appalling if it was actually staged.

Apollo 11 was the name given to the first-ever moon landing mission. This mission happened on July 20th 1969, eight years after President John F. Kennedy had set a national goal to land on the moon before the 1970s. On this mission, there were two American astronauts: Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. Well-known Neil Armstrong was the first-ever man to land on the moon; Aldrin followed 19 minutes later. Notoriously, Armstrong said “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”, as he first stepped onto the moon.

Since the 1970s, conspiracy theorists have generated elaborate theories about this event. These stories have insulted all the people who worked hard in order to make the moon landing possible, in addition to all the courageous astronauts who risked their lives travelling into space for us to have more knowledge about the Earth. In 2002, conspiracy theorist Bart Sibrel called Aldrin “a coward and a liar” for staging the landing and the senior astronaut punched him in the face.

But where did it all start? Why do people think it is a hoax? American writer, Bill Kaysing, self-published a book called ‘We Never Went to the Moon: America’s Thirty Billion Dollar Swindle!’ in 1976, which convicts the US government of not being capable of landing on the moon. Kaysing, who used to work in a US space program, believes this because he supposedly accessed results of a secret study by NASA which stated that there was a 0.017% chance of success, meaning the mission was basically hopeless.

In short, moon landing deniers believe that the landing was actually performed in a film studio. The theorists insist that the famous footage holds evidence of the landing being fake. As for every conspiracy, there are some believers and some sceptics, and each will tell you a different side to the story.

As you can see, the flag seems to be waving, which is physically impossible in an environment with zero gravity or wind. This obviously raised the sceptics’ attention. Unfortunately for them, scientists have given the reason why it appears to be moving with the wind. The flag is not actually moving, not in the pictures nor in the video., but It is settling down after being placed, and air resistance makes it slower, so the photo was taken before it had completely settled.

There also appear to be many shadows going in different directions, which is used to prove that there were different light sources, hence the belief that the shadows are cast by studio lights. The believers argue that the sun was low so it distorts the shadows, and if there were multiple light sources there should be more shadows for each object so it wouldn’t make sense.

Furthermore, it is claimed that all the rocks we see in the photos are actually props. There seems to be the shape of a letter C in one of the rocks so it is considered proof that they faked them. This has been debunked by saying that the C doesn’t really appear on the NASA prints. agnified it looks like a hair or an unintentional mark that was transferred onto later copies. In fact, 32kg of moon rock have been collected through other 6 separate missions.

Finally, one of the most popular clues from the pictures is the fact that there are no visible stars. It is obviously common knowledge that the sky is full of stars, and one would assume that in space it would be even clearer, right? But actually, in none of NASA’s photos from the landing can we see stars. Debunkers say that the astronauts took photos focusing on bright white objects, so the technology plus the exposure of the camera would not capture vague or unclear subjects like stars.

There are hundreds of queries that suggest the moon landing was a hoax. Some claims are ridiculous and really step over the line, but some appear reasonable and fair. This is the beauty of all conspiracies. It is really up to everyone’s personal opinion to decide what to believe, but it is interesting to take a look at someone else’s opinions and explore different perspectives. What do you believe is the truth?





( https://outspokenpost.com/2022/05/17/was-it-really-all-staged/ )